President of Convocation

To be part of the convocation family is a hard earned privilege and we must hold this title with pride. We should bear in mind that we as the VUT graduates need to build respect and lift the university flag to always fly high.
Compliments of the new season to all alumni.  It is with gratitude to have this opportunity to serve as the President of the Vaal University of Technology Convocation. As the university continues to celebrate its 50th year anniversary status obtained in 2016, the time has never been more prevalent to strengthen its convocation. The convocation, as a recognized statutory body of the university, plays a pivotal role in reinforcing the quality and upholding the reputation of qualifications obtained by all Vaal University of Technology graduates.

As unemployment continues to deter the dreams of many qualified graduates, we believe that through the convocation, the university has cultivated and honed its abilities.  This should therefore serve as a gain for the strengthening of many lifelong cooperate friends, which should add more value in combating unemployment.  Major strides have to be taken in advancing a broader convocation participation.  We have therefore embarked upon a journey that will enable us to achieve such.

Our main goal and objective as the newly elected convocation portfolio, is to ensure that the convocation acts as an official channel, allowing its members, to convey to the university management, its views about the university. While there is still much work to be done in several areas, for an example, convocation administration, its presence and visibility, the development of programs intended to raising funds for assisting the disgruntled graduates affected by unemployment, is underway.

A luta continua!

Welcome to the Convocation of the Vaal University of Technology!