Co-operative Education

Welcome to Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education facilitates a unique learning experience which delivers a specific type
and level of knowledge, understanding and skills development through learning by applying
theory in practice.

The University movement sees itself as a partner with industry in the development and delivery
of high-level human resources, which will contribute to the South African economy through its
innovative approach to education. Co-operative Education recommits the Vaal University of
Technology to one of its founding principles, namely of providing career-focussed education
through the philosophy of Co-operative Education.


To provide Co-operative Education services to the students to enhance their employability in the industry and entrepreneurship capabilities.


To promote and extend the academic learning process into the work place through Cooperative
Education for the benefit of employers, students and the University by:

  • Establishing Co-operative Education partnerships with host employers aimed at
    providing suitable learning opportunities for students
  • Establishing mechanisms to promote Co-operative education both internally and
    externally in order to increase visibility, support and participation

From the Director

The need to develop work-ready graduates who can transfer the knowledge and skills from
the lecture rooms to the workplace has become a key factor in higher education in South
Africa. In this regard, there has been a growing interest in Work Integrated Learning (WIL)
projects and its potential impact on student development.

The performance of universities, particularly that of universities of technology in terms of
teaching and learning, has received increased attention in the recent years. This includes the
employability or work readiness of graduates.

Employers expect universities to provide a strong knowledge base to students. Universities of
technology have identified the importance of close ties with industry, and therefore, they are
responsive to the world of work. Industry partnerships become an answer to unemployed
graduates that are growing rapidly.

About the Department

The Co-operative Education Department at Vaal University of Technology is situated in the N-Block. Our Reception is N203.

Postal address: Vaal University of Technology; Private Bag X021; Vanderbijlpark; 1900

Physical address: Vaal University of Technology; Andries Potgieter Boulevard; N-Block; 2nd Floor; Room 203; Vanderbijlpark; 1911

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Postal Address Vaal University of Technology

Co-operative Education Department

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Physical Address Vaal University of Technology

Co-operative Education Department

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