Services Offered

How we assist students:

The Department will assist students in securing opportunities such as WIL placement, Intern
and graduate placement.
Students can submit CV’s at the Co-operative Education Department. It’s important to note
that CV’s must be updated every 06 months!
As soon as a company contact us, we will search the CV’s in our database according to the
selection criteria provided by the company. The CV’s will then be sent to the company. The
company can contact the student directly or the student will be contacted by the Department
if the student was successful.

Placement of students on campus

In 2008 Management approved the Placement of Students on Campus for the purpose of
completing Work Integrated Learning (WIL). The project was assigned to and is managed by
the Co-operative Education Department. A specific budget is provided by Management in this
This placement process is strictly to accommodate students that are still in need of WIL, in
other words, they need WIL in order to attain their qualification. Therefore, ONLY students
that have WIL as a compulsory component of their studies are eligible to apply.

Courses that can do WIL on campus:

Engineering & Technology – National Diploma

Chemical Engineering

12 months
Computer Systems Engineering

12 months

Applied & Computer Sciences – National Diploma



12 months

Human Sciences – National Diploma

Fashion Retail Management

06 weeks

Hospitality Management 06 months
Public Relations Management

06 months

Management Sciences – National Diploma
Sport Management 06 months


The necessary forms can be collected from Co-operative Education (N108). The authorisation
form should be completed and signed by the Line Manager and NOT by the student.


1. Authorisation form for the appointment of WIL students – to be completed by Line Manager
2. VUT Biographical questionnaire – to be completed by student
3. CV of student
4. Certified copy of ID (student)
5. Certified copy of Grade 12 certificate
6. Certified copy of marriage certificate/complete divorce decree/or affidavit for customary
7. Proof of Residence
It is important to note that students WILL NOT receive a monthly salary. Students will only
receive a stipend of R3 000.00 AT THE END of the training. The Line Manager must inform
the student about this at the time of offering the student the opportunity for training.
This process does not apply in cases where the specific department wants to pay the student
a monthly salary/stipend/honorarium. This is a process between the relevant department and
HR. Co-operative Education is not involved in this process at all.
Students are NOT allowed to claim funds/stipends from the department where he/she has
been placed as well as from the Co-operative Education Department – only one
payment/contract is allowed. Students can be expected to repay the money if he/she has
claimed from both departments while doing training.
Please note the following:
1. The authorisation forms and other documents of these students must be sent to Ms Dreyer
BEFORE the student starts with his/her training.
2. Students can only start with their training AFTER the contract has been signed with Human
Resources. Students who started with their WIL before the contract has been signed with
HR will forfeit payment – the contract will not be approved or processed.
3. The authorisation form and confirmation letter from the department should only be signed
by ONE authorised lecturer/HoD.
4. Students have to stay for their entire WIL period where he/she is placed. NO student will
receive the stipend if they did not complete their training.
5. The relevant department where the student is placed, must write a letter of completion
before the student can claim the stipend.
6. The student will only receive the stipend during the last month or at the end of the training.
7. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in NON-PAYMENT of the stipend to the
student – the student will forfeit the stipend.
8. NO student will be allowed to claim at the end of the training period if the required
process and procedures have not been followed as stipulated above.

How we assist companies:

1. Selection & Placement of students

  • Companies can contact the Department if they are looking for students for
    placement opportunities.
  • The Department will provide relevant CV’s.
  • The Department can contact the students on behalf of the company.
  • The Department can facilitate the interview process.

2. Company presentations

  •  Companies can contact the Department to coordinate company presentations to

3. Career Fair

  • The Department host an annual Career Fair (free of charge) during which
    companies are invited to set up exhibition stalls – please contact the Department
    for the next date.

Summary of services:

  • Company presentations
  • Company requests for student
  •  Placement of students
  • Scheduling of interviews
  •  CV submission
  •  Work Integrated Learning (WIL) services
  •  Graduate & Internship programmes
  •  Employability workshops
  •  Career Fair
  •  Employer Awards Function

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Human Resource Department