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NDT department offers academic programmes that prepare students for a career in industry while facilitating an understanding of the fundamental principles of

Non-destructive Testing.

After years of dedicated effort, the VUT NDT programmes are now consolidating to be well-established careers for many students nationally and internationally.  These programmes are the only ones offered by a tertiary institution in South Africa.  They provide solid theoretical and practical education to optimize the application and quality management of NDT in industry. These programmes seek to promote the understanding of the various NDT methods in the use of the inspection of components, hence operational safety.  This includes increasing the awareness of modern NDT methods, which integrate materials testing in all phases of production, in-service monitoring, and environmental diagnostics.

The full-time qualifications currently offered are the Diploma in Non-Destructive Testing (NQF level 6), which consists of five-semesters contact time (two and half years) and one-semester experiential training period and the Advanced Diploma in Non-Destructive Testing (NQF level 7), offered over two-semesters (one year).  The present permanent post establishment consists of five experienced full-time Junior Lecturers.  They are supported by a Senior Lecturer, the Head of Department, and the Executive Dean. The department has two programme coordinators. There are four state-of-the-art, fully equipped laboratories catering for the basic and advanced NDT methods.