South African Institute of Electrical Engineers

South African Institute of Electrical Engineers

What is SAIEE?

The South African Institute of Electrical Engineers is a professional body which is Home to electrical and electronic engineers, technologists, technicians and artisans in Southern Africa. It is recognized by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) as a voluntary association. Over a century, its activities have included publication, education, and promotion of electrical engineers, professional development of its members, public events and participation in public debates affecting profession, industry and society. ECSA is also part of the Washington Accord, Dublin Accord and Sydney Accord thereby making SAIEE, an internationally recognized body/association.

What is the SAIEE Student Chapter?

SAIEE VUT Student Chapter is a student organization that was created by Electrical
engineering students for Electrical Engineering students at VUT. It’s registered within VUT
as an Academic Structure with its founding aim of bridging the gap between student and
industry and grooming students from S1 – B-Tech.
In order to achieve this aim, the student chapter like its national and regional body provide
knowledge on Electrical Engineering as a whole by means of organizing:
a) Seminars
b) Lectures
c) Plant tours etc. that tackle various technical and theoretical topics and provide an insight
knowledge on industry. So that students can be prepared for industry and its various sectors
of design, manufacturing, distribution and transmission, maintenance, control and monitoring
once their done with their studies.

Name & Background
  • The organization hereby constituted is called the SAIEE VUT Student Chapter 
  • Its shortened name and trending name is SAIEE VUT S.C. 
  • It was formed on the 16TH February 2016 by Mpho Nkwana, its founding chair/president 


  • To transform the mind-set of students by enriching them with knowledge. As Einstein said, ‘education is the training of the mind to think,’ we too believe in this by the work we do and the memories we leave behind in our lecture events, seminars, site visits and related programs.


Aims of the Student Chapter

  • To promote academic excellence
  • To promote the science, art and practice of Electrical engineering
  • To provide career guidance for electrical engineering students
  • To promote and maintain high standards in the profession of Electrical Engineering
  • To provide students in the discipline with technological leadership
  • To support Electrical students in becoming more effective practitioners
  • To insure the quality of life of all communities in Southern Africa is uplifted


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  • To promote entrepreneurship within the Electrical Engineering discipline 
  • To promote innovation, creative – thought and research by students 
  • To promote further education and career development 


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  • To be a mediator between students and industry 
  • To be a leading students’ academic representative 
  • To be a research and innovation hub within VUT
  • To establish a mentorship programme for students 


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  • Building strategic partnership with various companies 
  • Building resourceful relationships with faculty departments and HODs 
  • Building mutual relations with other organizations within VUT and outside 


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Governance Structure 

The Student Chapter is constituted by Students/Society members and is established by
petition to the Regional body, Vaal Centre and is concerned to represent and fulfil the needs
of the members and the missions of SAIEE.

The student chapter has a five leadership structure consisting of the Chairpersonship,
Secretariat, Treasury, IT department and Media & Marketing department. In order to
promote leadership efficiency and institutional memory, a sub-committee forms part of the
Student Chapter normally consisting of six members or more. For more details on
responsibilities of the various departments, refer to the Organizational departments and their
duties documents.

2019 Theme: Change

“After a while, even successful concepts must be abandoned.”

In pursuit of making an impactful difference, an organization must have the ability to renew & rejuvenate itself which is the chapter’s core principle and sets to embrace this in all means possible in its activities. The Change concepts further aides and wishes to take the chapter to greater heights by giving a student an electrical experience that inspires self-confidence to lead and excel exponentially.

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Motto: Defying The Odds In All Things

‘‘Leadership Is All About Planning for The Future Collectively’’