Dr. Hanlie van Staden
Room: K104-B

HOD (Visual Arts and Design)

Ms. Patricia Moolman
Room: K105-1

Patricia Moolman joined the department in 2016. She provide administrative support to the HOD and the faculty.

Ms. Patricia Moolman
Administrator (VAD)

Ms Le-Nika Strydom
Room: M205

Le-nika is a full-time lecturer within the Fashion section of Visual Arts and Design and has always loved expressing herself and her creativity through clothing. She currently lectures Textiles, Fashion Design 1 as well as Fashion Accessories & Design 1 and 2. Her research interests lie in the area of skills development within peri-urban communities.

Ms. Le-Nika Strydom
Lecturer (Fashion)

Ms. Zanele Radebe
Room: K106-3

Zanele Lucia Radebe is a Lecturer in Fine Art and a co-ordinator for 1st year Fine Art students, in the Visual Arts and Design Department.

Teaching activities: 3 Dimensional Studies: Ceramics (1st year), Product Design and Tech (1st & 2nd year), and Art Theory & Visual Studies (1st & 2nd year).

Research interests: Her research interests lie in the fields of gender studies and cultural studies mainly on black women in visual arts or cultural industry and related fields of study. Radebe received her M-Tech in Fine Art at Vaal University of Technology (2019). Her M Tech research project deals with an exploration of black women’s diverse hairstyles through art. She also co-authored an article titled: Exploring alternative views on the Western miniskirt and isigcebhezana in the patriarchal Zulu culture of South Africa, Gender and Behaviour, Volume 14 Number 3, Dec 2016, p. 7733 – 7763.

Supervision interests: She is interested in supervising students with interests in feminist art studies, visual studies and cultural studies in visual arts and related field of study.

Community engagement: Radebe has participated in arts community engagement projects at Thabo Vuyo Resource Centre, Kwa-Thema Skills School, Tshepana Primary School amongst others.

Creative projects: Practice based research on the theme one size fits all: miniskirts paper doll drawings. Her practice based research involves writing about the arts and the making of both two- and three-dimensional artistic work

Ms. Zanele Radebe
Lecturer (Fine Art)

Ms. Lebohang Radebe
Room: K002-2

Lebohang Radebe is a Fine art Junior lecturer and currently pursuing a Masters degree in Fine art.  Her fields of interests are as follows:

Teaching activities:  Lebohang lectures three-dimensional studies in sculpture and Art management in the Fine art section and is also the first year Fine art coordinator. Her other practical fields teaching experience include Printmaking and multimedia.  She has also taught communication skills and English as a foreign language to adults with a TEFL certificate obtained from UNISA.

Research interests: Her research field includes Indigenous knowledge systems, cultural and traditional practices in Africa in the context of visual arts and related fields.

Supervision interests:  Indigenous knowledge systems and cultural studies in visual arts and related fields.

Community engagement: She is part of an NGO which is based in the Emfuleni region.  She renders volunteer work which includes grooming young children who have artistic skills and showing interest in the field of art.

Creative projects: Lebohang has taken part in the 2013 Thami Mnyele Awards obtaining a certificate in the Sculpture category. She has also taken part as production manager and continuity personnel in various films which have been screened on local South African channels.  She has also taken part as a researcher in the filming of The Boipatong Massacre and Thokoza shooting documentaries.

Ms. Lebohang Radebe
Lecturer (Fine Art)

Ms Ilani Wilken
Room: M202

Ms Ilani Wilken is an avid follower of fashion on social media platforms. She enjoys using these platforms to find inspiration as well as to conduct research regarding innovative and creative techniques to apply during her classes.

Teaching activities: Ilani has been lecturing at VUT for 27 years and currently lectures the 3rd year Fashion students in Garment Construction and Pattern Technology within the Department of Fashion.

Research interests: Her research interests lay within various aspects related to the field of fashion, but more specifically, she expresses and interest in fashion SMME development.

Supervision interests: Ilani serves as co-supervisor to MTech students completing their degree in Fashion. Her focus area includes small business development within the fashion industry.

Community engagement: She enjoys being part of the departmental community outreaches.

Creative projects: Ilani is very creative and enjoys sewing in her free time. As she loves a challenge, she thoroughly enjoys competing in sewing-related competitions.

Ilani Wilken has been lecturing for 30 years in the fashion department. Her specialty is Garment Construction and Pattern Engineering. She has a passion for dressing people, especially for special events like weddings or matric farewells. 

Ms. Ilani Wilken
Lecturer (Fashion)

Mr. Malcom Phafane
Room: K002-1

Junior Lecturer (Photography)

Mr. Arrie van Wyk
Room: M206

Arrie is a full time lecturer for Fashion Design in die Department of Visual Arts & Design:

Teaching activities: Arrie teaches at 1st, 2nd & 3rd year levels for the Diploma Fashion Design, which is a three-year full time course offered by the Department Visual Arts & Design in the Faculty of Human Sciences at the Vaal University of Technology.

Research interests: Fashion Entrepreneurship here.

Supervision interests: Co-supervisor for a MTECH: Fashion Design student

Community engagement: Engaged in the Department’s community project

Creative projects: Oil and Watercolour paintings as well as Contè & mixed medium drawings.

Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again” Richard Branson. After 37 years of teaching, this is still my motto. 

Mr. Arrie Van Wyk
Lecturer (Fashion)

Ms Keshni Nana

Ms Keshni Nana is a creative academic who is also a VUT alumni. She strives for the successful transfer of knowledge within the educational domain.

Teaching activities: Keshni has been lecturing for four years. She is currently teaching Fashion Theory 1, 2 and 3, as well as Fashion Theory and Construction to the Post Graduate Diplomas.

Research interests: Keshni has multiple research interests, mainly on SMME development within under privileged areas of the country and advancements in supporting 4IR.

Ms Keshni Nana
Lecturer (Fashion)

Ms. Mmabatho Shibambo
Room: M203-1

Technician (Fashion)

Mr. Mashaole Makwela
Room: K309

Mr MJ Makwela is currently a senior lecturer and course coordinator in Fine Art course in the department of visual arts and design. He is a PhD in Visual Arts candidate at the Vaal University Of Technology.  He is engaged with the following teaching responsibilities and career interest: 

Teaching activities: Digital imaging, digital storytelling, animation, visual design, video and film, Art Theory and Visual studies. Other responsibilities include curriculum development, among others. 

Research interests: Visual arts, digital arts, animation, multimedia, film, liberation history or memory studies, in the context of African centred perspective. 

Supervision interests: Animation studies, film and memory/history, Afrocentric/postcolonial studies, IKS and Visual studies, art and technology. 

Community engagement: Training and skills transfer, mentor and directed idea generation in visual creative projects. 

Creative projects: moving pictures (animation, film, music video, promotional video), cartoons.

Mr. Mashaole Makwena
Senior Lecturer and Programme Coodinator (Fine Art)

Mr. Velaphi Mazhinye
Room: K308

Velaphi enjoys spending time with family, exploring the outdoors, gardening, traveling, reading and watching documentaries when he is not busy with any of the following:

Teaching activities: My aim is to help students understand their role as artists in society. I encourage them use their personal experiences, discover themselves, ask what is important and foster in them an excitement and enthusiasm to pursue their own answers.

Research interests: Art and Education, ethnicity and identity, the theory and practice of art/practice led/practice based research

Supervision interests: Art and Education, ethnicity and identity, the theory and practice of art/practice led/practice based research

Community engagement: Working with different communities on art-based projects, teaching art to schools not offering the subject.

Mr. Velaphi Mazhinye
Lecturer (Fine Art)

Ms. Nkululeko Khumalo
Room: K109B

Ms Nkululeko Khumalo teaches various practical and theoretical subjects in Printmaking/ Surface Printing and Multimedia at undergraduate level, and supervises M-level studies. She is extremely passionate about art education and she does not believe in teaching only happening within the four walls of the university, but all around us and happens every day.  

Ms Khumalo completed her MA in Fine Art through Wits University in 2017 and has more than fifteen years teaching experience. She was also in charge of the Bodutu Art Gallery where she has curated numerous art exhibitions.    

Teaching activities: Nkululeko currently teaches from First years to MTech students in Surface Printing/Printmaking.  Art Management 2 and Product Design 3.  

Undergrad Advance Diploma Postgrad 

First Year –Third Years Surface Surface Printing 4 Surface Printing 5 

Art Management 2 Written Component MTech / MA Students  

Product Design 3 


Nkululeko is a qualified assessor and moderator. She is also does external examinations with other institutions if requested. 

Research interests Ms Khumalo is primarily involved with curatorial and creative practice research in archives of the art, documentary photography and the lived experience of the Vaal Region. She is particularly interested in these experiences and oral histories that need to be preserved and how black people need to start writing about their own histories and capture it in a way they would like it to be presented. The black stories are still missing in the noteworthy literature and can be preserved through writing. The Vaal region holds a very rich history in terms of politics and is also a hub of many other cultural and religious activities. There is a huge gap of prominent black women who played a significant role within the Vaal. This history is still missing in the various archives and literature. 

Ms Khumalo is also interested in video documentary and mapping as part of her curatorial practices and the history of South African Vaal stories and histories. 

Supervision interests: Ms Khumalo is interested in supervising research projects that explore problems arising from and within creative practices. She is also particularly interested in projects that develop interaction and connections between communities and creative professions, such as photography/multimedia and documentary. She is also developing studies that explore the Creative output and Creative Based research in terms of various practices of students.  

Community Engagement 

Ms Khumalo has also participated in numerous Community Engagement Projects at schools that include Meadowlands School in Soweto, Matlasedi Primary School in Kagiso, Ratanda Primary School in Heidelberg, Rust-Ter-Vaal Primary, Fukama Primary School in Zone 12 Sebokeng, Lundelwazi High School, Thabo Vuyo Resource Centre school for the Disabled learners, Kwa-Thema Skills School and Tshepana Primary School, Ramosokula High School amongst othersShe also participated in the Netherlands, VUT and Municipality community engagement, renovation project. Ms Khumalo also coordinated a painting project for the Dhlomo Dam in Sharpeville to try to bring young children to start using the park by brightening the environment through the use of vibrant colours. 

Nkululeko has been an adjudicator for Rotary art competition, and for the Thami Mnyele Art Competition.  Nkululeko has also been part of the VUT Gender Based Violence Committee.  

She has just joined to be part of NPO for the Len Khumalo Foundation which is based in the Sedibeng region.  

She has also worked in empowering women during the Women’s month and making them feel appreciated by spoiling them in various ways. She also runs a grocery feeding scheme for disadvantage people within her church and surrounding areas.  She believes that no one is an island, we are who we are through our culture of Ubuntu.  

Creative projects: Nkululeko loves curatorial projects that focuses on educational output. She engages in archives, photo restoration, documentary as part of her creative output. She also has been instrumental in bringing Len Khumalo’s (her dad) and other photographic work on untold stories of photojournalists, photographers and journalists. Her MA brought light to the rich history of the Vaal that she is still trying to bring into noteworthy literature for our children to learn from.

Ms. Nkululeko Khumalo
Lecturer (Fine Art)

Ms. Matshepo Thibudi
Room: K209-B

Ms MP Thibudi is currently busy with the PhD proposal:

Teaching activities: Matshepo teaches drawing 1-4, Art theory 1, Art management 3 as well as Art Theory 4.

Research interests: are in using positive imagery to represent black people through portraiture in a practice-based research. She uses black feminism as her critical theory. She is currently exploring multi or inter disciplinary study which integrates art and business.

Supervision interests: Her interests are in the black study and practice-based research.

Community engagement: Matshepo has been an adjudicator for Rotary art competition, painted murals for the disadvantaged homes as well, she was part of the Ramasukula High school project as well asArt for AIDS (Institutional HIV/AIDS UNIT VUT) project.

Creative projects: Ms Thibudi is also a practising artist. She enters competitions also exhibits her work.

Ms. Matshepo Thibudi
Lecturer (Fine Art)

Ms. Shintshile Ngcobo
Room: K106-4

Technician (Fine Art)

Mr. Johannes Kotze
Room: K316-2

Neston began teaching in the Graphic Design section at the Vaal University of Technology in 2016. He completed his MTech in Fine Arts in 2019. Neston likes to immerse himself in a world filled with exploration. He is obsessed with pugs, the moon, and anything art related. If he is not immersed in his art practice, you can find him busy with the following: 

Teaching activities: Neston teaches Drawing for Design 1, Entrepreneurship for Design 1, Graphic Processes 1, Entrepreneurship for Design 2 and shares Visual Communication Modules throughout the year ranging from first year to third year level. 

Research interests: Neston’s research interests include Practice-led Research, Research-led Practice, Queer Theory and Gender studies. 

Community engagement: Neston has engaged in various community endeavours within the Department most notably the Ramosukula School project where he and his colleagues taught entrepreneurial skills to the learners of the school in 2018. Neston serves as a Visual Art and Design representative on the Faculty Research Ethics Committee.  

Creative projects: Neston is currently busy working on a creative body of work exploring the concept of cancer as a malignant behaviour pattern within the Queer community. He was a part of Barclays L’Atelier Art competition in 2015 and exhibited at the regional exhibition held in Johannesburg. In 2017 he was a part of the international art competition hosted by SeeMe and ChaShaMa Gallery in New York where he was one of the top 10 finalists. He is also a part of the Bodutu gallery committee at the Vaal University of Technology. 

Mr. Johannes Kotze
Lecturer (Graphic Design)

Ms. Leigh Thomas
Room: K306

Leigh-Jeanne completed a Diploma in Graphic Design at the then Pretoria Technikon in 1992. 

Having gained 10 years’ experience in the advertising industry she decided to pursue a career in teaching and joined the Vaal University of Technology in 2003. In 2005, she completed a BTech degree: Graphic Design (Cum laude) and received an academic honours award in 2006. In 2008 and 2012 she received ‘Highest Award’ for the institutions annual RATE (Rectors Award for Teaching Excellence) Award. Leigh-Jeanne has served on a number of marketing and curatorial committees for the department and VUT over the years. 

Teaching activities: Leigh-Jeanne’s teaching interests and activities focus on graphic design principles and visual communication in a nurturing environment. She creates exciting and relevant projects and briefs that highlight current topics of interest and challenges the students to delve into research and interpretation of visual problems. The students are encouraged to develop unique creative solutions and exciting visual problem-solving outcomes. 

Research interests: Leigh-Jeanne’s research interests focus on art books, visual journaling, mood and vision boards. She is inspired by the powerful process of observing and physically recording visual stimuli as a tool to interpret and solve creative problems and unearth unique visual solutions. 

Supervision: Leigh-Jeanne has engaged in supervision of BTECH graphic design students. 

Community engagement: Leigh-Jeanne has served on the committees of the numerous community initiatives that have been implemented by the Visual Art and Design department. She has also developed various projects and opportunities for her students to engage with community as part of their learning experience.

Ms. Leigh Thomas
Junior Lecturer (Graphic Design)

Ms. Dorette van der Walt
Room: K303-1

Dorette is a lecturer in the Graphic Design section. 

Qualifications: BA (Ed), University of Johannesburg, 1997; National Diploma Graphic Design (Cum Laude), Vaal University of Technology, 2005; BA (Hons) Creative Brand Communications specialisation in Art Direction Graphic Design (Cum Laude), Vega School of Brand Communications (Johannesburg), 2006; MTech Graphic Design (Cum Laude), Vaal University of Technology, 2022. 

Teaching activities: Dorette is a lecturer in Visual Communication Design: Graphic Design and teaches most subjects in the second year of study. 

Research interests: Dorette is interested in engaging in projects that focus on Visual Communication Design-and-Strategy, with special interest in Graphic Design Art Direction and practice-led research methodologies. 

Community engagement and creative projects: Dorette’s creative drive is rooted in her commitment to produce graphic designs that add value to society.  The passion springs from an intrinsic need to nurture nature and community and encourage people, through the designs that she create and also her interaction with her students, to do the same.

Ms. Dorette van der Walt
Lecturer (Graphic Design)

Ms. Kate Chmela-Jones
Room: K313-2

Kate Chmela-Jones is the Senior Lecturer and Programme Coordinator of the Graphic Design section within the Visual Arts & Design department at the VUT where she has taught since 2003. She is the recipient of two RATE (Rectors Award for Teaching Excellence) awards and four Faculty Research Excellence Awards. She is currently completing her Phd in Applied Design at the Faculty of Informatics and Design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. 

Teaching activities: Currently Kate’s teaching activities focus on spearheading the Human Perspectives programme and the facilitation of research reports and design portfolios at fourth year level. Additionally, she has taught Drawing, Illustration, Communication Design and History and Theory of Graphic Design across all levels of study. Kate serves as co-supervisor for a number of Masters-level studies in the department and has acted as an external moderator and examiner for graphic design and related subjects at University of Pretoria (UP), University of Johannesburg (UJ), Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), Durban University of Technology (DUT), Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI) (since 2016 known as Pearson Institute for Higher Education or PIHE), AAA school of advertising (Johannesburg), North West University (NWU), LISOF and Inscape Education group. 

Research interests: Kate’s research interest lie in exploring diverse approaches to graphic design pedagogy and practice specifically the incorporation of human-centred processes within graphic and communication design. Her research considers how the concept of Ubuntu and Posthuman philosophy relates to human-centred graphic design and how these concepts function within graphic design professional practice.  

Recent research activities include: 

2021 – Faculty Research Seminar, August 20, 2021. Vaal University of Technology. Presented a paper entitled: “Blended and ERT approaches in a graphic design programme– reflections from a University of Technology”. 

2020 –SSASEA UNESCO Arts Education conference, Virtual, 2- 4 December 2020, North West University, Potchefstroom. Presented a paper entitled: 

“Exploring project-based learning in graphic design for the attainment of self-directed learning outcomes”. 

2020 – HELTASA conference, Virtual, 30 Nov – 3 December 2020, Central University of Technology, Bloemfontein. Presented a paper entitled: 

“Gradients of blended learning – lessons from the lockdown” 

2020 –Design Principles and Practices conference, 16-18 March 2020, Pratt Institute, New York, “Blending graphic design: pedagogical approaches”, co-author: R Maharajh, (postponed due to COVID-19 and finally virtually presented in 2021 – University of Monterray, Mexico, 3-5 March 2021) 

2019 – “Barriers to Blended Learning in Graphic Design”, co-authors: R Maharajh and A.  Munro, DEFSA conference, 9-11 September, Cape Town. 

2019 – “A Shift in the Research Design Approach: Reporting on the Complexities of the Application of Human Centred Design and the Co-Design Process in a Library Setting”, co-authors: A Munro; D, Heenop.  The Design Journal, ISSN: 1460-6925 (Print) 1756-3062 (Online) Journal, 15 April 2019. 

2019 – “Students’ experiences of human-centred interventions in a design education setting”sole author, South African Journal of Higher Education (SAJHE), Vol. 33 No. 6 of 2019.  

Ms. Kate Chmela-Jones
Senior Lecturer and Programme Coordinator (Graphic Design)

Mr. Wesley Turner
Room: K313-1

Wesley Turner joined the department in June 2012 as Graphic Design Technician. He prepares labs for Graphic Design as well as other classes within the department. As a proud graduate of Vaal University of Technology, where he earned a B-Tech (Cum laude) in Graphic Design, he has experience working and supporting the relevant software needs within the department. In his other life, Wesley loves to stay up to date with current technology and Graphic Design trends. 

Mr. Wesley Turner
Technician (Graphic Design)

Dr. Anneke De Klerk
Room: K001-3

Dr Anneke de Klerk completed her PhD in Visual Arts through Stellenbosch University in 2019.  She has more than twenty years’ experience teaching various practical and theoretical subjects in Photography and Multimedia on undergraduate levels and also of late, leading M-level studies. She is currently the out-going chair of the departmental research and innovation committee and is also chairs the Faculty of Research Ethics Committee for Human Sciences. Anneke is part of the team that runs the Bodutu Art Gallery. 

Teaching activities: Anneke currently teaches the Advanced Diploma in Photography as well as Theory of Media Technologies 3. 

Research interests: Anneke is primarily involved with creative practice research in landscape photography and experience of place. She is particularly interested in how landscape photography shapes places and how technology mediates embodied experience. She is also interested in curatorial practices and the history of South African landscape photography. 

Supervision interests: Anneke is interested in supervising research projects that explore problems arising from and within creative practices. She is also particularly interested in projects that develop interaction and connections between communities and creative professions, such as photography/multimedia and tourism. She focuses on studies that delve into the interactions between humans, technologies and environments, through creative practice. 

Creative projects: Anneke’s personal photographic work revolves around landscape and documentary photography, often combining the two genres.  As part of her recently completed PhD she mounted an exhibition titled ‘Telling Places’ in the Bodutu Art Gallery. 

Full CV available from this link: AdeKlerk CV_2022 v2.2

Dr. Anneke De Klerk
Senior Lecturer and Programme Coordinator (Photography)

Mr. Jakob Doman
Room: K005-2

My creative background is grounded in a combination of experience in the Commercial Advertising, Editorial and Fine Art arenas for which I have been honoured with both local (Loeries) and international (D & AD – London) and (Clio – New York) Creative Awards as well as being shortlisted for the Daimler-Chrysler Award in 2004. As a researcher, I focus my interests on the diverse fields of Formalist Aesthetics, Critical Topography, Digital Image Signal Processing, Practical Digital Sensitometry and Pragmatic Practise-based Arts Research. As an academic, by creating a synergy from these seemingly disparate disciplines, I employ a multi-faceted and holistic educational approach focused on real-world practises and outcomes that, hopefully, offers intellectual stimulation, creative awareness and contemporary relevance to students and colleagues in Media Practise.

My background is grounded in a combination of experience in the Commercial Advertising, Editorial and Fine Art arenas for which I have been honored with Loeries, a D & AD – wooden pencil (London) and a silver Clio (New York Art Directors Club) Awards. In 2004, I was nominated for the DaimlerChrysler Award for South African Creative Photography with Angela Buckland, Stephen Hobbs, Brent Meistre, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Jo Ractliffe, Guy Tillim and Andrew Tshabangu. 

As an educator, I focus my interests on the diverse disciplines of smart technology, moral theology, applied aesthetics, digital image sensitometry, digital convergence and practise-based research methodologies. By creating a synergy from these seemingly disparate fields, I employ a multi-faceted and holistic educational approach that, hopefully, offers intellectual stimulation and creative awareness to students and colleagues alike. 

When this fails, as it often does, I can be found taking solace behind a camera making some pictures.

Mr. Jakob Doman
Lecturer (Photography)

Mr. Hennie Johnson
Room: K001-1

Ernst Hendrik Johnson, Senior Technician Multimedia and Photography section, Department of Visual Arts and Design. ID 6904015116087

Teaching activities: practical use and competency on equipment used by students .

Research interest: Completion of master’s degree in Abstract landscape photography – if Department can appoint study leader.

Community engagement: Where/when ever Department is involved in community projects. Providing technical support.

Creative projects : Woodwork and carpentry

Mr. Hennie Johnson
Senior Technician (Photography)

Mr. Sean Bogle
Room: K001-2

Sean is currently a lecturer in Photography at the Visual Arts and Design department:

Teaching activities: He is the 1st year Diploma Photography course coordinator. Sean is primarily responsible for the teaching and facilitating of the following three subjects: Theory of Media Technologies 1, Professional Practice 1 and Media Practice 1.

Research interests: He has interests in: Visual imaging as a form of visual communication. Mixed digital media and the narrative possibilities therein with today’s many social platforms.

Supervision interests: He is involved with one M student study in the form of a sub-supervisor capacity.

Community engagement: Sean engages with visitors at the University annual open day. In the past he was involved with local camera club activities.

Creative projects: Sean loves exploring the use of vintage camera lenses (lenses from film cameras dating back to the 1970’s) with current digital cameras, in theme-based studies. He draws motivation from radio, comic illustration and films of old.

Work History: (Hide)

After completing my National Diploma in Photography (graduating in 1992) at the former Pretoria Technikon now (TUT), I was employed by the South African Defence Force as an editorial Photographer working for Paratus Magazine which later changed name to Salut, with the integration of the now new, South African National Defence Force.

During my time in the SANDF I completed my 4th year of study (National Higher Diploma) at Pretoria Technikon (graduating in 1996). The study focused on the human-aspect of persons in uniform (this was done over the period of the Country’s first democratic elections). During this period, I had images published in the monthly periodical which had a circulation of 80 000 plus. The photography complimented and illustrated the written article which was done by a journalist. During my six years as a photographer in the SANDF I would attain the rank of Captain.

In 1998 I jointed the Photographic staff compliment at the Vaal Triangle Technicon. I taught both practical and theoretical subjects for the course National Diploma Photography. 1999 I would broaden my teaching tasks by teaching Graphic Design students basic photography skills and applications (1st, 2nd and 3rd year students). I too developed and taught a short course in Photography (1999-2003) for persons not wanting to do the 3-year full time course.

I completed my B.Tech in Education Post School (2002). I attended workshops and digital photo- imaging design courses (Digital Imaging Software) presented by a fellow staff member. In 2006 the department closed the last analogue darkroom photographic process facility and went to a fully digital imaging course structure. As an academic staff member, I have been involved with corporate and function photography by assisting past students and associates, thus keeping abreast of latest trends and practices.

In 2019 I completed and graduated with a M.Tech in Photography (The Wedding Ritual: A Photographer’s Journey to Capturing Practice). I have a keen interest in comic and poster illustration, music, theatre, the radio and film. I believe, as an artist, you must draw on all sources of inspiration and never stop learning.

Mr. Sean Bogle
Lecturer (Photography)

Ms. Matseliso Rapita
Room: M101

Teaching Activities

I am a skilled and effective Fashion Design Lecturer at Vaal University of Technology in South Africa, with considerable knowledge of Garment and pattern construction, business practices especially in fashion and Textiles design I am a dynamic team-spirited individual who enjoys the challenge of busy, demanding work environment.

Research Interests: Publications

  1. Perceived success of entrepreneurs in the Vaal region of South Africa with special reference to fashion entrepreneurs. Mediterranean Journal of Social Science Vol.5, No.1, January 2014.
  2. The impact of fashion entrepreneurs’ traits on the success of the fashion businesses in the Gauteng province of South Africa. Mediterranean Journal of Social Science Volume 5, No. 3, March 2014.

Creative projects

Matseliso Alphoncina Rapita is a Fashion Design lecturer at Vaal University of Technology with more than five years lecturing. She holds MTech Fashion qualification and Post graduate Diploma in Higher Education both from Vaal University of Technology. She specialises in lecturing Garment Construction, Business of Fashion as well Fashion Entrepreneurship Research. Moreover, she is a First-year coordinator for the Fashion section at VUT.  

She has published two scholarly articles available online.

Ms. Matseliso Rapita
Lecturer (Fashion)

Mr. Lucas Selepe
Room: K102

Technician Assistant

Ms Charlene van Schalkwyk
Room M101/102/103

Qualifications: N.Dip Fashion / B-Tech Fashion / Masters Consumer Sciences (M.cons)

Ms Charlene van Schalkwyk always displayed a keen interest in fashion. This interest was further developed when she enrolled for the Fashion course at VUT. During her B-Tech year, her interest was once again captured as she was introduced to Research Methodology and Academic Writing. Her interest regarding academics and research grew, and lead to the completion of a Masters Degree in Consumer Sciences. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in Consumer Science.

Teaching activities:

Charlene will be lecturing Construction (1st year), Fashion Design (2nd and 3rd year), Fashion Business (3rd year), and shared subjects such as Fashion Portfolio.

Ms Charlene van Schalkwyk