Department of Civil Engineering – About Us

Department of Civil Engineering – About Us

The purpose of the qualification National Diploma: Engineering: Civil is to develop the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills required for the student’s further learning towards becoming a competent practicing Civil Engineering Technician. It is intended to subsequently empower candidate Engineering Technicians to demonstrate that they are capable of applying their acquired knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes and values in the work environment in South Africa. It is designed also to add value to the qualifying student in terms of enrichment of the person, status and recognition.

Fields of study includes but is not limited to transportation, water structural, geotechnical, construction management and urban engineering.

Civil Engineering Technicians could be involved with construction projects such as reinforced concrete, structural steel, timber and masonry structures, roads, bridges, dams, canals, pipelines, water purification, sewage treatment, airports, railways, harbours, housing and services.

Career Opportunities

There is ample opportunity to attain job satisfaction and attractive financial rewards. Some past students from this department have senior positions at consulting engineering firms, construction companies, government bodies, local authorities and industry.

The following selections of careers are available:

Design Draughtsman, Project Official, Site Agent, Municipal Technician, Engineering Surveyor, Quantity Technician, Designer, Laboratory Technician, Contract Manager, Project Planner, Estimator, Quality Controller or a Geo-technician.