Student Life and Governance

Student Life and Governance:

Student Governance:

These initiatives are aimed at improving student representation through recognised Student Governance Structures as well as supporting the successful and efficient operations of the Student Governance Environment.

Functional areas include:

  • Student Governance Elections and Transitional Processes
  • Administrative Support for the SRC and its Sub-Structures
  • Project Management and Support

Student Life:

These initiatives are designed to promote the holistic development of VUT students. These initiatives aim to facilitate expression, social awareness, and leadership.


Functional areas include:

  • Student Development Training and Support
  • Co-Curricular Development
  • Arts and Culture Programmes and Initiatives
  • Critical Conversations and Dialogues

Development and Leadership:

Provide pathways to holistically developed graduates who can make an impact in their communities.

Extra–Curricular and Co-Curricular Development:

Creating programmes that are evidence-based and foster the creation of a vibrant, engaging and humanising student experience.

A Vibrant Student Life:

Creating opportunities for self-expression, dialogue, engagement and the overall social well-being of students at VUT.

Office N216

Enquiries: 016 950 9900- Tebello Theledi (Administrator)