Student Support Services (SSS) at the Vaal University of Technology

Student Support Services

Student Support Services (SSS) at the Vaal University of Technology is comprised of the following departments:

  • Student Life & Governance
  • Student Accommodation & Catering
  • Student Health & Wellness
  • HIV/AIDS Unit
  • Sport Academy

What we offer

These departments collectively offer an array of programmes and services intended to support and develop students. The net effect of these services and programmes is to enhance the quality of total student experience of university life. Without SSS support, university life would simply be mechanical and students would be poorer experientially. These services are outlined in detail in the respective departments.

Message from the Executive Director

One thing is certain. Universities are mirrors of the societies in which we live. Without proper and effective guidance, an innocent, first-entering student can turn into an addict of alcohol and drugs within the first few months. An A-grade student can equally underachieve dismally in the first semester if adjustment to university is not attained quickly.

The converse is also true. A student who undergoes the Orientation Programme and participates actively in other SSS programmes will undoubtedly find university experience enriching and rewarding. Such a student will be holistically developed and will be a rounded and proud graduate of VUT.

Contact information

Student Counselling & Support: (016) 950 9665

Student Health & Wellness: (016) 950 9597

Student Life & Governance: (016) 950 9900

Sports & Recreation: (016) 950 9282

Institutional HIV/AIDS Unit: (016) 950 6615

Human Resource Department

Human Resource Department